Monday, May 24, 2021

Getting the Band Back Together!

What a weird time to be alive!! Fortunately "regular human" life appears to be getting back on track. People are getting vaccinated, learning how to stay healthy and beginning to get back out and enjoying life. We're in the same boat and after over a year of solitude on the bike the adventuring has resumed. 

In non bike adventures, this spring took my family and I to a camping/adventure trip to Georgia and North Carolina, hitting up some of the places I'd only quickly seen on the bike. Made stops in Dahlonega, Ga, then Bryson City & Asheville in NC, and slowed down to explore the areas and had an amazing time.  

Views of Lake Fontana

Creek Side Camp

Adventure #Jeeplife

As for the bikes, well that hasn't really stopped. Just been spent mostly in solitude without much to tell. Fortunately this weekend was a different story. Serrano finally threw a leg back over the bike and we set off for a weekend in Ocala to hit up the fabulous Santos trail system. 

Bike Wagon back in action!

We loaded up the Subaru with Biking and Camping gear and setoff to ride the most expanse trail system in the state. We setup camp Saturday and quickly hit the main Santos trailhead after lunch. The trails there are fast and fun with some natural technical sections mixed in to keep your attention on the trails. Wrapped up the day with a celebratory beverage and burgers, with a big day planned for Sunday

These bikes still shred!

Post ride beverage

Post ride burgers!

Sunday would be a long day in the saddle as we planned to tackle most of the OMBA Epic loop. From our camp I mapped out 30 miles of flowy single track. For those familiar with the area, we started at Shangri-La with the the Vortex as our targeted turnaround point. Man I forgot what a great place this is to ride. With mostly park based trails in SFL, the Ocala trail system is vast and isolated. You can go hours without seeing another rider. Unfortunately this was not the case, but trail traffic was mild in the two way trail system. The weather was slightly warm by end of the day, but considering the typical Florida weather at this time, it really couldn't have been much better with a cool start and clear skies. 30 miles later and we were back. In time to pack up camp, clean up and enjoy the most perfectly cold beverage before hitting the road. 

Ripping some singletrack

South Florida travels! Spotted our friend Tanya at the trails too!

Mid-ride pit stop at Vortex

Nearly had to jump this guy

Finished up last couple of miles on the easy path home

It's been a long time but was great to just get out and ride with no agenda. No training, no racing, just riding for joy, which is really how this all started. The racing will resume at some point this year, but till then when you see us on the trails, we'll be having fun!