Friday, December 9, 2016


Well it happened, we finally have something to post about! While 2016 was pretty much a down year, 2017 has lots of fun in store and it starts with Gravel!

That's right, the Gravel Bike bug has officially hit us. New bikes have been assembled (Stay tuned on details from our Twinsix Standard Rando & Niner RLT9 builds) and the fun and adventure aspect of cycling has been rekindled for us. Something about the simplicity of these heavy, fat tire, go anywhere road bikes, has brought back the joy of just hopping on a bike and seeing where you can go.

There's quite possibly hundreds of newly discovered, to us, miles of dirt roads and bike trails throughout South Florida that don't stand out unless you look for them. Half the fun is mapping, the other half is venturing into the uncharted and hoping for the best!

XC is still in our sights too, with Endurance events being the likely focus for 2017, but for the upcoming winter months, expect to see more, Gravel Grinders, dirt and randomness. Here's just some of what we've dubbed, the #UnnecessaryRide. Happy riding!

Homestead Air Force Base
"CX" practice
Trippy Tunnels
Trail Blazing
Fun with Friends