Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Here's the plan!!

If you've been following along, you'll remember I almost sabotaged #oramm2018 at the first chance I got with a heavy crash in January. 6 weeks later I've recovered enough from a "minor" fracture of a vertebrae and an enlarged spleen from the the Markham crash to get back on the bike and focused.

With no time to waste, we've reached out to our good friend Freddy Viera at F2 Performance Lab to help us focus and prepared for Oramm. Our experience together a few years ago was all that we needed to know that if anyone could whip Alex and I into shape it's Freddy.

That's what I wrote a few weeks ago prior to Hammerhead, and that's when things got weird....About three weeks ago I wound up in the ER, TWICE, for heart attack symptoms!! Turns out I apparently had the WORST heartburn I've ever had. Never felt anything like it. Some people tell me that they have these sensations all the time. Well, it was a first to me and FREAKED me out. Luckily the ticker has been given a clean bill of health and I'm back on the bike. Dealing with gastric issues still but I'm able to train at least. 

Bad news is schedule is all but wrecked. Missed all the early season races with the crash, and missed Hammerhead. All that's left is Fakawi and a VK40 for events, so Oramm prep continues, albeit in grind it out long ride format mostly. 

Won't let this recent bad luck keep me from #Oramm2018 though! Been training too hard and getting back into shape to miss out. Keep following along to see if we (or even me) make it though!