Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Full Moon #2 Amelia Earhart Park | By Eric Norris

“Charge lights! Charge Lights!” was all that ran through my head during the days leading up to Down to Earth’s Full Moon #2 night race @ Amelia Earhart State Park. Having had such a blast at the series opener, I was anxiously counting the days until we were back in the saddle with nothing but our lights and some help from the full moon to lead the way.
Not so fast! Different from the opener we had potato sacks waiting for us at the starting line and a 30-40 yard dash in them that kept us from jumping on our bikes and getting into the trails. I’ll take this moment to say that I could care less for this kind of start. So let this be my plea to let us start out on our bikes just as we did in the series opener!
The horn blows and we’re off! Taking part alongside me was team rider Alex Serrano. Unbeknownst to all of us, he is an expert in the sack.             ßThis space was left intentionally to allow your mind to go places with that one. No but really, he took off and was first to the bikes! I was about halfway there still trying to figure out what the heck I’m doing in a potato sack jumping up/down like a goon.

Alex continued his great start and was in the top three flowing well while apart of the lead pack. Unfortunately in the later part of his first lap he had mechanical issues and had to pull over. This had put him out of contention of making a move pass the top two, however wasn’t going to stop him from finishing the race.
I, on the other hand, went into the trails about mid-pack. Apparently I lack the DNA string in potato sack jumping. I immediately was stuck behind some slow traffic and fought it for the first couple miles. About halfway into my first lap I finally was able to get through and put the hammer down. I knew I had some major catch-up to play but I was determined and was feeling really strong. Apparently I was so determined I wasn’t paying much attention to arrows, just running with the throttle wide open, and ended up blowing by a bypass and went the wrong way. CRAP! After about 5 minutes of going the wrong way I determined no one else was around me and I soon realized what I had done. Almost just called it quits, but I figured what the heck, let’s ride. So I did some back tracking and got back on course. I ended up getting stuck behind the same traffic that I was fighting the first part of the race. No Fun! I felt like nothing was going my way, but continued to keep a positive attitude (at least I think I was) and finished the race not caring where I placed.
Fun isn’t over! With his first race in 40+ age group, Alex Serrano felt the wood on the podium! Bringing home a respectful 3rd place and some more motivation to keep training hard.
Back to training now for the next LaRoota #4 race at Oleta. I'm still looking for some revenge there so look out!