Monday, November 27, 2017

Turkey Miles!

Getting back into the habit of posting more often, so here's a little vid of some Thanksgiving Ride shenanigans!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

So what happened?

So last I posted we were all set for a fun filled 2017 with tons of gravel and a return to XC. So what happened? Well a few weeks after that, a simple slip and fall pretty much derailed this year. What should have been a simple trip and fall getting out of my car, instead I found myself writhing in pain on the floor with a dislocated shoulder. I was fortunate enough to have it pop in to place on it's own in less than a minute, but the damage was done. Fast forward to a Dr's visit and it was confirmed, I had a 180 degree tear of the labrum (top to bottom) and would be going in for surgery.

Surgery was successful and then came the hard part. First four weeks were no active mobility and absolutely ridiculous pain. I pretty much had to let my arm dangle or leave it in the sling no matter what I was doing. Only movement I had was at the hands of my Physical Therapist. After that was more active PT, again with more pain. You know, the kind that's so bad you actually start to laugh at how absurd you feel from the pain. A few months of that and there was progress, but scar tissue was limiting me. Jump to July for a follow up simple procedure where they knocked me under and essentially moved my arm in all directions to break though he scar tissue. Sounds painful but it really wasn't and totally had me down the home stretch in my recovery. 

Finally jump to today, for about 6 weeks I've been back on the bike trying to get some form of fitness and skill back. Alex has found his passion for the dirt again and the Boyco is ready for our latest big goal. So what's in store for 2018? Final details and schedule still in the works, but it all is preparation for one word, ORAMM! We'll be posting long rides, long races and lots of photos as we get ready for our most challenging event to date. It's been a rough year but looking forward to getting back in action! Stay tuned!