Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Where does the time go?? Whiskey Off Road Report!!

Don't take anything from the HUGE delay in getting a race report up, the Whiskey Off Road was unbelievable! Lots to write so I'll get right to it!

After what felt like talking and preparing for the Whiskey forever, the weekend finally arrived. The Town of Prescott, Arizona was 100% on board in support of the event. Upon arriving I could see the tell tale signs of mountain bikers present. Sweet bikes all around, Team and Industry Vehicles, and awesome personal transport options all over town! Along the town main street was the Bike Expo with many vendors including our friends and supporters ESI Grips! It was great seeing them again!

Arriving early Thursday, we were happy to see my bike again after having shipped it a week earlier. Had some lunch at the pleasant St Michael Hotel Bistro, and then got to building up the bike. Everything assembled nicely so I'd be ready to preride in the morning. Jump to the next day and I mapped out about a 14 mile loop to shake down the bike, get familiar with the trails and wake up the legs a bit. Managed to make a quick vid on the shakedown ride so check it out below.

Friday night arrived and as much as I wanted to just rest, the Pros were in action for a Fat Tire Crit, so we grabbed a beer and enjoyed the show. Got a few nice shots from there as well. Action was non stop and ultimately won by Keegan Swenson and Chloe Woodruff.

Race morning arrived and I was set. The 8:30 start was perfect to take the chill out of the morning as we set off. The route started straight off into about an 8 mile climb, mostly road, some gravel, before topping off into steep and choppy section. The sawtooth profile meant that everything that went up, would go DOWN! Off I went on the first long descent and my smile was ear to ear. The open terrain allowed me to get a good look ahead and get comfortable quickly and actually letting it rip. My experiences at Oramm were a little hesitant as I wasn't comfortable with limited sight around the lush corners, but picking good lines on the new (to me) terrain wasn't a problem. The route carried on with another climb and descent until the first rest stop. Made it out of the rest stop refreshed and ready to tackle the longest, highest climb of the day.

Off I went and found my climbing rhythm, but about half way though that climb, well it was mostly lights out. Exposed climb, temps and elevation rising, my heart rate going up and my power going down. I had to dismount and walk several times. I crossed the bail out point on the way up, but that seemed to give me a little kick and I continued to push. Reached the top, Took a breather and a picture to remember the long Skull Valley climb and carried on knowing it was only 20 miles mostly undulating downhill to go. In hindsight the elevation probably sapped my power a bit and I just didn't know how to handle it.

Once I came around the high point, we hit another rest stop and pointed it down the most rewarding downhill runs I've ever done! Again with clear lines and lush trails and double track. 20+ Minutes of descending would lead us to the last notable challenge of the day, Cramp Hill. Sure enough, after not pedaling for 20 minutes the sudden short, but steep, climb instantly threw cramps my way. Knowing better I decided not to waste any more time and just walked up a few minutes.

Once past Cramp Hill the worst was over. I'd ridden some of the final sections the day before and got my final wind once I knew where I was at. I pinned it through town to the finish line, and while I looked miserable, it was still one of the most enjoyable rides I've ever done. I met my wife at the finish and took some time to recover. After coming out of my haze, I took my free beer ticket and enjoyed the most refreshing beer I'd ever had and we sat back to enjoy the post race concerts!

As a whole the Epic Rides Organization puts on what has to be the premier events in America. Great, supportive towns, excellent event organization, family friendly atmosphere and SICK RIDING. I've talked about it so much so that I may have talked the rest of the Eclipse Racing crew into attending Epic Rides' Grand Junction Off Road!

2020 is a ways away, so first up is our Coconut Cup series. Enjoy the event pics below and come back for more stories!

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