Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Update!

How's everyone's Summer been?? Been a few months since our last post here but we've definitely been busy. The Summer time around here is usually an eclectic blend of touring rides, training, endurance races, XC training races, avoiding the unbearable heat, and inevitable South Florida Summer rains. With no real winter to speak of, there's always time to ride and we must take advantage down here!

 A little bit of business first though. We've very glad to be spending another year with Bike Tech as our Title Sponsor. They really have helped us grow and spend so much time doing what we love. We can't thank them enough. We're proud to fly their logo and colors and have taken our team kits back to our roots with  red to more closely associate with the shop colors. EsiGrips, Cytomax, Magura, Vredestein, Rudy Project, and Audioworks Miami also continue as supporters and new additions WhereToCrank, Florida's premier Trail Conditions site as well as F2 Performance Lab, which brings us a Wobble Naught Certified fitter as well as coach and nutritionist as a great resource, have joined as well and we thank them!

Breaking in the New Kits

With the season officially "over" after the Coconut Cup, on the calendar has been has been a mish mash of events. From Grinders like like TheBoyco's entry to the Hurracan 300, a 300+ mile adventure ride through backcountry roads of Central Florida or "The Erics", (myself and Norris) entering the Great Gator Gravel Grinder (I managed 4th place in that one!). That one as particularly grueling with temperatures in the low 90s and stories of a cyclist devouring sized python as an obstacle. We also got together as a full squad to hit up the Hammerhead 50, a marathon distance event in the sweet singletrack of the Santos trail system in Ocala Florida. More of a survival event for us. Norris took team bragging rights as our top finisher. I was happy just to finish, as marathons aren't my fortay. My legs cracked and cramped up at about the 3 hour mark, then found new life with 15 minutes to go and somehow powered me to the end as fast as I'd started. Boyco would have dominated us all, except his ride turned into a mechanical nightmare with several issues causing him to stop for repairs. I passed him at one point looking as if he was trying to seal a flat with lasers shooting from his eyes. Serrano made his glorious return to riding after being sidelined for a few months with a wrist injury.

Mixed in has been regular XC events like the local La Roota Series which has seen Boyco on the podium a few times and fighting for the series overall. The WhereToCrank Amelia Series brought a "UCI Style" XC series to South Florida, which kept loops to about 15-20 minutes in length and kicked up the total laps. This was a big his as it made for a spectator/family friendly series, with plenty of "Viewing areas", local Bike shop promotions, awards, DJ's, Product Demos, and even an amazing video production for the events. Check out the action in AirdrenalineMedia's production!

But the fun doesn't stop here! While it's only 2 months until the start of the FSC Season, Florida's premier series, There's Oramm and Fools Gold 50 still in our schedule! Stay tuned for more details on the leadup to these events and come back for some reports. The posts will ramp up again now with the racing season just around the corner. Check out our Instagram feed (Or follow #eclipseracing) to the right for a look into our adventures or follow us on Facebook at where we post a bit more often. See you on the trails!

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