Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sponsor News!

As the summer wraps up and final preparations have begun for the 2013 FSC, we'd like to take time to thank our sponsors for this year!

Bike Tech
First we greatly thank Bike Tech for continuing their support with us. One of the truly complete bike shops in South Florida has helped us tremendously with everything from bicycles to supplies to race day support. Racer or not, for your cycling needs, pay our friends at Bike Tech a visit. With the best in Scott, Specialized, Cannondale, Niner and several other top brands, they'll make sure to put you on the gear that's right for you!

Audioworks also returns as a major sponsor for us this season. Specializing in Custom Audio, Video, & Lighting Systems, Audioworks is our longest standing sponsor and we greatly appreciate their support. 

Additional sponsors include Rudy Project, offering the best in glasses and helmets. The photochromic lenses  are a team favorite!

Cytomax & Musclemilk provide our nutritional needs. It's hot in Florida and Cytomax has certainly helped keep the cramps away!! 

Magura is still helping us slow down when we need to with their great MT8 brakes, and now has brought on the Vredestein Tire line to keep us rolling. Having tested the tires over the summer, they provide a wide line of patterns, perfect for all the conditions that we will be facing this season. 

Last but most certainly not least, ESI Grips will help us stay in control this season, not only providing comfortable grips, but color customizeable style. ESI Grips will be on all our bars!

As we begin our fifth season, we look forward to another great year and give our supporters and fans some great reports to follow along with us!

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