Saturday, March 16, 2013

Race Report & Pics: Markham 100 2013

Spring time fun is here!! While riders all over the country are just getting back on the bikes after a Winter break, the racing never really stops in Florida, one of the benefits of really only having two seasons down here. After the FSC/CC season finishes, focus changes to training and endurance races. In South Florida, the Markham 100 has become a local favorite. Eric G here with our race report for the Markham 100!

Celebrating it's 10th year, the event had nearly 300 participants. Starting all at the same time, that's a lot of racers!!! The full team would be out for this event, Julio, Alex, Eric N, and myself. Each of us had a different strategy, but the same goal. FINISH THE RACE! A task that has been quite challenging in year's past. This would be no different. The course was considered more difficult than in years past, with reversed trails, and more climbs included in the 62 mile event. 

While considered a charity event, make no mistake, everyone is here to race. The rolling mass group start allows those with aspirations of victory to move up to the front and those just looking to finish to settle into their own pace early. We, well we were somewhere in the middle. I'm not much for patience at race starts so  I tried to move up as best as possible. My efforts were unrewarded with a mix up at the start loop marking had most everyone briefly bunched up. By the time I got rolling again all my guys, and many others were ahead of me. Good for them, not so much for me. My misfortunes would continue for much of the event. Mechanical issues on the first two laps slowed me down. I knew Eric and Alex were ahead of me, but didn't know by how much. Having resolved my drivetrain issues I picked up the pace. Unfortunately leg cramps would settle in by lap 5. I survived till lap 7 and hit the cutoff time. I knew this was coming as I was lapped by eventual overall winner Bob McCarty for the second time. When I came through the finish I wasn't allowed to continue but was glad to make it as far as I did. Eric and Julio would also reach the 7 lap cutoff time and call it a day. It was the most successful day for all of us at this event.

Alex meanwhile was having a great day. Steady pace and consistent rest stops kept him going and none of us could catch him. By the end of the day, he made it through the final lap cutoff time and pressed on. When it was all said and done he made it to the finish. 8 Laps. 62 Miles. A technical scoring issue didn't record the final time on his final lap. However his official end result was still a personal best 10th Place in Base Solo! 

Ultimately the event is a fund raiser to support the Markham Trail Building Fund so while it would have nice to have had a more accurate final result, we're still thrilled with his success and had a blast in general. The fun doesn't stop with the kickoff of the Full Moon series and the US Cup event in Santos in the next few weeks so stay tuned for more reports! Thanks for reading and enjoy some pictures from the event below!

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